Electricians in Dublin rarely have a second to themselves. Here at Custom Wired Electrical, there is nothing we love more than facing a new and unique challenge, brought to us by a customer. While some electrical issues can be easily fixed without the need to call the electrician, some others are best left to the professionals. For instance, anyone can change a lightbulb, but perhaps not everyone is experienced enough to install a home security system. This is where we come in. At Custom Wired Electrical, we are fully RECI Registered, meaning we are a registered electrical contractor.

One of the most common problems we often encounter at home are flickering lights. While this may seem like a simple electrical problem to fix, there are in fact a wide variety of potential causes for this issue. Oftentimes we ignore flickering lights, however, in some cases, the causes for this irritating issue can indicate a deeper, more serious electrical problem. 

Problems With The Bulb

As simple as it may seem, sometimes the cause for a flickering or blinking light may simply be down to the fact that the bulb is loose. In order to rule this out, try to screw the bulb in as tightly as possible. Another common issue is down to the type of bulb you are using. LED bulbs are prone to flickering, especially in relation to dimmer switches. Fluorescent bulbs are also predisposed to flickering, particularly when it gets cold during the winter months. 

Lightbulb Switched Off

Loose or Faulty Plug

Flickering lights can also be caused by a loose connection between the plug sockets and your power outlet. To rule out this cause, make sure that your plug socket is firmly plugged in at the power source. If you are only experiencing one flickering bulb, as opposed to all your lights flickering, then a loose or faulty plug socket could be the potential root cause. 

Overloaded Circuit

If you begin to notice your lights beginning to flicker once you have turned on a large electrical device or household appliance such as a washing machine, then perhaps an overloaded or overpowered circuit might just be your issue. Once you turn on a large electrical device, there is an immediate increase in the amount of voltage they demand, which in turn can cause a slight, brief flicker. However, if this issue persists and does not resolve itself almost immediately, then you may have a more serious problem and you should get in touch with your local electrician. 

Loose or Damaged Wiring

Loose wiring is one of the more serious causes for flickering lights, with the potential to be hugely dangerous. Old, damaged or outdated wiring can are amongst the most common causes for house fires. Even if your electrical system has only one loose or damaged wire, this could still potentially impact your entire electrical system. If you begin to notice only one lighting fixture is blinking, then it is important to inspect it for a potential loose or damaged wire. 

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